Naz (aka Atascocita AJ)

August 3, 2002 - June 9, 2009

Atascocita AJ is what you were named,
But to be a great racer was not your fame.
Two races won out of twenty-eight,
Maybe you were too slow out of the gate.

But oh! When I met you in that commuter lot,
How my heart went flip pity-flop!
Into the tiny car we all somehow crammed,
Off to your new life in a strange, foreign land…

You snapped at my son – not once but twice,
You ate from the trash, didn’t heed our advice.
Bit at pit bulls and new fies alike,
Pulled on the leash when we’d go for a hike.

But time and trust mellowed you out,
That you were worth every effort, there is no doubt.
I loved your habits, your softness, that piece missing from your ear,
Your bossy attitude, your total lack of fear.

My big brindle boy, why did you have to leave?
At first there seemed to be no end to my grief.
But I took comfort that we had made the right choice
In ending your pain; we knew you had no voice.

I will love you forever, but perhaps my heart will mend,
If I can find another greyhound-best-friend.
You were supposed to be ours, ended up being mine,
My Nazzie, my soul-dog, we’ll meet again in Time.

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