Naz (aka Atascocita AJ)

August 3, 2002 - June 9, 2009

Atascocita AJ is what you were named,
But to be a great racer was not your fame.
Two races won out of twenty-eight,
Maybe you were too slow out of the gate.

But oh! When I met you in that commuter lot,
How my heart went flip pity-flop!
Into the tiny car we all somehow crammed,
Off to your new life in a strange, foreign land…

You snapped at my son – not once but twice,
You ate from the trash, didn’t heed our advice.
Bit at pit bulls and new fies alike,
Pulled on the leash when we’d go for a hike.

But time and trust mellowed you out,
That you were worth every effort, there is no doubt.
I loved your habits, your softness, that piece missing from your ear,
Your bossy attitude, your total lack of fear.

My big brindle boy, why did you have to leave?
At first there seemed to be no end to my grief.
But I took comfort that we had made the right choice
In ending your pain; we knew you had no voice.

I will love you forever, but perhaps my heart will mend,
If I can find another greyhound-best-friend.
You were supposed to be ours, ended up being mine,
My Nazzie, my soul-dog, we’ll meet again in Time.

Ally (My Heart Girl)

July 27, 1997 - July 11, 2009

My dear sweet Ally, how I miss you so. You changed my life forever. You were my first greyhound and the one who started it all for me. You opened up my eyes to how wonderful and special greyhounds are. You were the perfect little girl from the day you walked into the house. My gentle, sweet, loving, giving, beautiful, funny girl.

You raced hard and then had three litters of beautiful puppies so I did not get to adopt you till you were seven years old. We got to have 5 fabulous years together. It was not enough time . I'm so grateful that I have your two girls to love and I know we will be together again one day.

You will always be my heart girl...My love.

Cleo - Born May 8, 2002 traveled to the Bridge October 19, 2009.
Our first girl grey, who stole all of our hearts, including our two Maine Coons...Cleo would climb into any soft spot with a cat right by her problem for Miss Cleo. We only had her for 3 1/2 years when cancer crept into our lives and stole her away from us. We are shocked at the sudden departure of such a beautiful and vibrant girl grey, but we must comfort ourselves that she had a beautiful life after being rescued from the race tracks...We miss our baby...

Teba--born July 1991 and went to the bridge in June 2005. My first g/h and my heart dog--we had 12 (almost to the day) beautiful years. My Diva Princess will never be forgotten.

Brendle--born November 1991 and went to the bridge Jan 2003. The sister dog that the first owners were tired of. Always playful and into trouble and always wanting to snuggle.

Elmo--born Feb 1993 and went to the bridge Nov 2007. Rescued from a home of neglect, he showed his love and gratitude everyday. His sudden illness and loss is still hurting. I miss his loving and gentle eyes and warm snuggles. This is Elmo

Ginger (4/92 - 11/24/03) Ginger came to us straight from Florida on a US Air flight to National Airport in Feb 1994. She was less than two years old when we got her and she retained that puppylike "joie de vivre" throughout her whole life. Her favorite outside activity was provoking her poodle brother into chasing her around the yard. Her favorite indoor activities were playing with her mini-soccer ball and taking my wife's slippers over to her napper. She was indifferent to strangers, but loved her family. She was a bit of a "talker" and once distinctly said "Hi Hon". She was our first greyhound and paved the way for many others.

Sonny ("Kansas Sunshine") 9/14/1997 - 1/3/2008
We adopted Sonny in July 2002.
He loved people and loved for people to pet and/or hug him.
His nickname was "Sonny Bunny" or more simply "Bun" due to his habit of raising one ear straight up in the air and half cocking the other. He loved running in the yard with his greyhound siblings and resting/roaching on his napper. He will be missed.